GLOBELICS 2017 – Registration deadline

We would like to remind you about the registration deadline for the 15th International Globelics Conference, to be held in Athens, Greece on October 11th to 13th 2017.

In order to be confirmed as participant you need to register and pay the corresponding fee not later than Wednesday July 19th, 23:59 (Greek time).

Please access the conference management system ( globelics2017) and click on the “Register as Participant” option on the overview page.

On the first page of the registration form you will be asked to indicate your participant role (e.g. presenter of paper or poster, non presenting participant, etc.) and the country category according to the country were you are based (and not your nationality). Please note that your registration will only be definitively validated if the correct option is selected. If you have any doubt please contact us (

After completing the registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the required payment details. After your payment has been received, you will get access to the invoice from your account and a confirmation e-mail will be send.

Participants contemplated with travel support need to register and pay the fee until the deadline in order to effectively get the support.


We hope to see you in Athens!

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