Diego Chavarro

PhD student at SPRU – University of Sussex


Researcher with experience in science, technology and innovation (ST&I) studies, scientometrics, policy analysis and ST&I management. Currently sponsored by the Colombian Government – Colciencias to course a DPhil programme on Public Policies for ST&I at the University of Sussex – SPRU.

Specialties: social impact of ST&I, studies on interdisciplinarity and globalisation, Colombian ST&I policy, Latin American ST&I policy, data analysis, programming

  • Dphil student at SPRU – University of Sussex

    I am a DPhil student at the University of Sussex doing research on interdisciplinary science at SPRU. I have been a researcher in Social Studies of Science and Scientometrics in Colombia since 2005.

    My interests are diversity in research (international, inter-organisational, inter-sectorial collaboration and interdisciplinarity), open access and open source systems, ST&I policy, evaluation of research and scientometrics.

  • Researcher at the Vicerrectoría de Investigaciones Universidad de los Andes

    Managing research, analysis of the scientific production of the university, statistics.

  • Researcher at the Observatorio Colombiano de Ciencia y Tecnología

    Researcher at various projects ranging from ICT to biotechnology and their impact on society.