Gustavo Valdivieso

PhD Researcher Governance of Knowledge and Innovation


Areas of expertise
  • Policy implementation and governance
  • Assistance policies for forcibly displaced people
  • Participation/Deliberation in Integrated Water Management
  • Soft Problem Structuring Methods (Soft-PSMs) and policy design

Gustavo Valdivieso is a Ph.D Researcher on Governance of Knowledge and Innovation at The University of Twente (2015 – 2018) and also at Universidad Externado de Colombia (Bogota, D.C)(2013-2018). He is also a MA in Government and Public Policy (Universidad Externado de Colombia (2010), a certified Advanced Project Management (Standfort University/IPS, 2011), and specialist in Government and Public Affairs (Universidad Externado de Colombia –Columbia University, N.Y, 2001).

Gustavo started his career as a journalist (Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela, 1994) and has since worked as reporter, editor, and correspondent for mass media, UN communications officer and spokesperson (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), and policy consultant for organizations like the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Colombia’s National Universities Association, Colombia’s Presidential anti-corruption office and the regional environmental agency of Colombia’s Norte de Santander region. He has also worked for Colombia’s environmental agencies association. Recently (2013-) he teaches policy analysis methods at Universidad Externado de Colombia and coordinates Capstone projects (student consultancies) at the School of Finances, Government and International Relations there.


Main research interests: Public policy design, public policy implementation as “operational governance”, Colombia’s national policy systems, systemic approaches to policy design and implementation (joined-up government, whole-of-government), problem structuredness, wicked problems, Integrated Water Management, Policy for forcibly displaced people). Policy as problem solving.

Current research: Problem structuredness and public policy implementation in inter-organizational settings (PhD project). Integrated Water Management. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA), conjunctural causation and fuzzy sets.


Introduction to Policy Analysis (Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2014-). MA course.

Capstone Projects (Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2014). MA course.


Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM). Link

Asociacion Latinoamericana de Ciencia Politica (ALACIP). Link

Asociacion Colombiana de Ciencia Politica (ACCPOL). Link

LinkedIn groups: most active in Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management. Link



Book chapter:

A small picture of big wars: Media coverage of war and its implications for civil-military relations (en The Future of Warfare: The Royal Army 2020, Ed. Martin Edmonds, CDISS, U.K) 2002 (Coautor).

Academic articles:

Por que Seymour Lipset estaba equivocado. (2014) Link

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Twitter: @gustavovaldivie