[IFRIS] 2017 Call for post-doctoral positions

2017 Call for IFRIS post-doctoral positions   Seven (7) post-doctoral positions are available at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Society (ifris.org). IFRIS welcomes science, technology and society scholars in all social science disciplines: history, sociology, political sciences, anthropology,…

Is the Web of Science a universal authority on science?

Coloquio de Investigación Doctoral GCTI - Jueves 13 de Agosto a las 07:00 en el salón B-209 de la Universidad Externado de Colombia. Doctorante: Diego Chavarro, SPRU, Universidad de Sussex Comentaristas: Diana Lucio (investigadora del OCyT), Maria Alejandra Tejada (Doctorante de la Universidad de Twente, Países Bajos) Entrada libre

Understanding STIP in Developing Countries.

Ordonez-Matamoros, H.G. and S. Kuhlmann. “Understanding STIP in Developing Countries.” Science, Technology, and Policy Studies-STePS Colloquium, Faculty of Management and Governance. University of Twente, Enschede, NL. Feb. 12, 2014. http://www.utwente.nl/mb/steps/research/colloquia_and_seminars/colloquia/bestanden/2013-2014/12_febr/